WOW Active Coupon; $10 for $20 - 2015


Sounds like a good deal to me, essentially 50% discount. Brunch with coffee would probably come to about $20, so this makes a TON of sense; not that I'm cheap or anything :-p

Here it is: -

C$10 for C$20 Worth of Homestyle Food at Golden Griddle Family Restaurants

78% of 216 customers recommend
The Deal

C$10 for C$20 worth of homestyle food

Golden Griddle Family Restaurants
Since 1964, the culinary teams at Golden Griddle Family Restaurants have diligently crafted a massive menu of homestyle classics. They fill three-egg omelettes with spinach and grilled mushrooms, incorporate fruity fillings into crepes, and whip up pancakes from one of three types of batter, including 10-grain. When lunch and dinner roll around, they shift their focus to hearty feasts of English-style fish and chips and slow-cooked pot roast smothered in beef gravy. Since it's free of trans fats, that gravy is part of Golden Griddle's health-conscious stock of ingredients, which also includes diet syrups and reduced-fat cream

While their elders order off the main menu, kids ages 10 and under can select from their very own menu, which showcases meals such as spaghetti and grilled cheese. In addition, each child receives a complementary toy and crayons, which are perfect for entering Golden Griddle's colouring contest or for penning a newspaper op-ed in favour of outlawing broccoli.

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