VA3 BRUNCH FEST 2016 : HAM Amateur Radio Lunch October 16 2016

We are BOOKING the date - VA3 BRUNCH FEST 2016
SUNDAY October 16 2016 Buffet lunch

Time :: October 16 2016

October 16 @ 7:00 am - 10:00 am EDT 

Location :: See Location Tab above for 
MAP ::
Frequency :: VE3YYZ 443.050+ UHF. -- VA3XPR DMR Local1 

The ham meetup date. All HAMs in southern Ontario to meet for a sit down lunch buffet and chat in Toronto Canada area. We are expecting many hams for this special invite.

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We Thank the organizers for this event. Listed below.

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Time :: October 16 2016
Location :: See Location Tab above ::
Frequency :: VE3YYZ 443.050+ UHF. 145.4100 VHF. VA3XPR DMR

Thanks to the TEAM ::
Show and Tell co-coordinator : terminated

Meet and Greet, Welcome at the door and head count, list and names of approved attendees ::

Announcement and call to order, agenda ::
- the start is a round table that includes each Hams self introduction (optional) - name, callsign

UBER Drivers needed for rides - pickup list available, APRS location enabled
Event Prizes::  TBA

Going to be updated on the blog :::

Announcement. ::: 2016 DMR TRANS CANADA NET

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