Organizer Untruths

Do not believe the claims of some HAM saying they were involved in any of the HAM meetups, solely organized many events over the years.    __blank(rant) _ talks of  self aggrandizement and showed up for one event, however was not included again,  it was mentioned and heard some delusions of grandeur and comments of being involved.   Our last four recent HAM meetups he was Not told!   The following events he is excluded or unavailable.

Making many claims he is/was an organizer, sadly a  ..blatant lier..  was NOT involved in any of the HAM meetups only one organized over the many years,  The (mr.self-aggrandizement) showed up for one event and was Not told of other events!    Because he may be visiting the President around the same time as the upcoming events he is again excluded or unavailable.

thanks, organizer

VE3IPS / VE3DJZ / VA3HBO / others included in this feeding frenzy.

audio from this - Listen to the Repeater VE3TWR Audio : 
Operating also heard on HAM RADIO repeater Toronto fm Communications Society Amateur Radio Club (TFMCS) VE3TWR 444.4000

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